Award winning communication partners ‘Elevate’ the EAA message

Elevate team photo

The Eczema Association of New Zealand Inc (EANZ) is proud to partner with an award-winning strategic communication agency that grows and protects brands. Elevate Communication has been awarded Australia’s best Small PR of the Year since 2017 and was awarded Silver Team of the Year at the 2020 Public Relations Institute of Australia, Gold Target Awards.

We’ve been working with the Elevate team since 2017 and Elevate’s Managing Director, Mel Deacon is also part of our Committee. Mel and the Elevate team are instrumental in our business growth, ensuring we meet our goals and objectives while also positioning the EANZ as the leading authority on eczema information and support for sufferers, carers and healthcare professionals.

Elevate successfully execute our Eczema Awareness Month, Week and Day activations each year, helping to continually pivot and come up with new ideas and ways to reach our members, corporate partners and the wider community specifically during the pandemic – a time in which all events were cancelled.

The EANZ and Elevate are also working together to generate greater acceptance of our corporate sponsorship so we can continue to support people with eczema and their families. Our corporate membership has been carefully curated to align our vision with our corporate members, and we have built an exclusive and carefully selected group of partners which Elevate has helped grow to over 50 corporate partners across Australia and New Zealand.

Elevate continues to play an integral part in the EANZ’s success year-on-year. As a small not-for-profit championing a challenging cause, we understand the time it takes to achieve results and the importance of quality over quantity.

We are thrilled to be working with such a great team and are excited to see what EANZ’s future looks like with Elevate in our corner.

Keep an eye out for some amazing things to come from EANZ. If you are looking for a communications agency, email the team at or call on 07 3180 3666.