Autumn Magazine 2023


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Eczema Quarterly Autumn Magazine 2023 Large


  • Eczema and brain cancer
  • Hand eczema
  • Eczema and scarring
  • Can zinc oxide creams help eczema?
  • Best eczema friendly clothing for Autumn
  • Eczema NightWare fit, wash, wear and care
  • Controlling flare-ups in Autumn
  • Is Vitamin D the answer?
  • Melanated skin
  • Stop hand eczema in its tracks
  • Topical steroid withdrawal
  • 8 hacks from an eczema veteran
  • How to recharge your resilience
  • How to make your own oatmeal bath
  • Home remedies for managing the itch in eczema
  • Eczema-proof your home
  • Patient story
  • Being active is crucial to my wellbeing
  • Chicken vegetable and wild rice soup
  • Healthy loaded sweet potato skins
  • Vegan chocolate protein balls