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Health Professional Training

  • EAA Quarterly magazine – high quality seasonal quarterly publication offering valuable tips and information about how to best manage and treat your eczema, including an update on the newest treatments available. You can also submit your questions to our Panel of Dermatologists who will answer them in the magazine’s highly popular Q & A section.
  • Access to our dynamic member’s website – offering you on-line access to the EAA Quarterly magazine; new product information and what’s in the pipeline updates, reading list (clinical studies, national and international articles about the management and treatment of eczema) and a directory of health services
  • Consumer and Carer Voice Register – members of the EAA available for media interview and promotional testimonial.
  • Information sheets – covering a wide range of topics, including risk factors associated with eczema and the management and treatment of different types of eczema
  • Our support – we are experienced at counselling and supporting people with eczema and their carer/s.

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